Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black/Latina Women Worth Our Weight in Gold

Welcome to my home country - DAUFINation where all the definitions are DAUFINitions.

It's a White supremacist and patriarchal act to beat down Black women for having the highest weights.  Not only did our ancestors pick cotton and drop babies, get regularly whipped and raped...surviving all that on a biscuit and a chitterling if we were lucky.  Until Black women and Latina's are widely considered worth our weight in gold we need to stop judging all women by how much we weigh.  The stress of battling racism, sexism and the speed of American life now make it hard for most of us to get day to day.  Look at stress, abuse, safety issues and the insinuation of sugar into virtually everything for the solutions, not more disparagement of people of color.
Diversity in Hi Ed post 11/10/10 In response to, “Researching Obesity’s Complexity and Impact,” by Katti Gray, posted the same date.

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