Monday, April 23, 2012

How watching Hoaders can help heal rather than just disgust

     A friend of mine said regarding my last post that she hates to watch Hoarders because it disturbs her and this was my response:
     It is probably the tapping (EFT, see the free info at I do that helps to heal in me what is disturbing in the (Hoarders) program.  When I see some adults whose parents are obviously acting out their on mental health problems and behaving or speaking in an unloving manner to their children who are just trying to help them...just trying to love them and be loved -- that disturbs me because that's the way both my parents treat/treated me most of the time.  The tapping helps to reprogram my brain regarding that "tape" or trauma and helps to heal me a little.
     When I saw an episode where a hoarder mother's childhood sexual abuse trauma was triggered by the clean up process I tapped because I am a survivor of that kind of abuse and doing my milder/smaller clean ups trigger a milder form of the same.  The same mother spent a lot of time on the 2-day program assisted clean up doing the boys rooms but refused to do the girls' even when the therapist on the scene tried to get the mom to so so and had the older girl ask herself.  Tapping to that helped to heal me from the many times my parents did kind things for my abusive brother just because he was the male child and neither of my parents ever though I, as a girl, deserved those kindnesses, privileges, assistance.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hoarders -- the A&E Series You Can't Get Enough Of!

Hoarders Series Review
 I watched the Season 1 discs twice.  I only got to see one of the season two discs because the other is missing from my DVD by mail service.  I feel I am somehow helped and healed by this series.  I am an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and I tap all the time while watching these gripping stories.  Watching them also helps me have that extra motivation to get up and wash the dishes before bed no matter how tired I am.  But for the grace of God go I ;-).  Highly recommend for all those with trauma in their early lives who sometimes find themselves drifting toward buying/keeping what they don't need because it makes them feel oddly secure. Deep. I would love to see MORE (of the series…NOT more stuff in my house!) on DVD vs. sitting at a computer viewing from the series website.
You can rent/buy  the 1st season & half of the second from blockbuster here: